What would YOU do with the Stanley Cup?

I’m not much of a hockey fan. Scratch that. I’m not a hockey fan at all. Not because I think hockey’s boring (I don’t) but mostly because C-L-E doesn’t have an NHL team and I feel weird cheering on a team that doesn’t “belong” to me. [side note: this feeling, of course, is null and void when it comes to whatever team is playing against the Miami Heat. I’ll cheer until I’m blue in the face. LeBron James has become my own personal Moriarty. Except he has no clue about my existence and even if he did, he probably couldn’t care less that a(nother) white girl from Cleveland wished for his demise. And I’ve clearly been watching WAY too much BBC Sherlock] Besides, I only have so much time to be depressed about professional sports. Three teams is my limit and I’ve already sold my heart and soul to the Indians (sads), Cavs (double sads) and the Browns (infinite sads). My poor little psyche couldn’t withstand ANOTHER losing team (because I? am not a frontrunner).

But I do have friends that are MAJOR hockey fans. Unfortunately most of them are Pens fans and I ,in good conscience, can’t root for anything that comes from Pittsburgh. Except for the phrase “yinz.” I love rooting for awesome slang.

What I DO root for, however, are super fan-freaking-tastic sporting traditions. It’s the history nut in my combined with my super competitive nature. And one of the best is the NHL’s Stanley Cup.

Suck it, Flat Stanley. I’ve been to way more fun places

Unlike a Super Bowl Trophy or World Series Trophy, the Cup gets passed between the members of the winning team and it’s become tradition for players to find the most outrageous/ridiculous scenarios and put the Cup in them. Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks took the Stanley Cup to Niagara Falls, the Pittsburgh Penguins took the Cup for a swim in Mario Lemieux’s pool (I can’t believe I just typed that sentence), Sylvain Lefebvre of the Colorado Avalanche had his daughter baptized from the Cup, and (not to be left out) Mark Messier of the Edmonton Oilers took the Cup to his favorite strip club, the Forum Inn, in which it starred in a dance with a stripper.

So when the LA Kings won their first Stanley Cup, I was excited to see what hijinks the Cup would see. More strip clubs? Perhaps a visit to the Playboy Mansion (come on, they ARE in LA), maybe taking it to East LA and start a street fight between the Bloods and the Crips?

I was wrong. What happened was WAY better.

The Kings’  right wing (and Captain) Dustin Brown’s sons used the Cup to drink chocolate milk.

I don’t know what’s cuter: the blowing bubbles or the matching Spiderman pajamas. Or maybe the giggling.

What a (literally) sweet moment for the Stanley Cup. Kids in Spiderman pajamas should ALWAYS drink chocolate milk out of Championship cups. ALWAYS. And someone should always be filming. It’d be like the new LOLcats. Except way better.

Although, this photo of Chuck Liddell and an Oompa Loompa with the Cup is pretty damn amazing. I wonder if Willy Wonka showed up later to fill it with Fizzy Lifting Drink?

photo from yahoo sports