long time, no write

I’m alive. I swear. There’s been a lot going on in Casa D (and my life) and I decided to take some time away from the blog.

Basically: I needed a break.

While I’m not entirely ready to explain EVERYTHING, I am ready to talk about some things beyond my usual pop culture rants, top ten lists and dumb-things-that-happen-to-me recollections.

For instance? I’e decided to go back here.

I guess I’m a sadist. Just like Anastasia Steele

But don’t worry. I won’t stray too far from my bread and butter. There are far too many things happening in the world of pop culture for me to ignore. Besides, The Bachelorette started. And that show BEGS to be mocked. And law school will simply add to the amount of dumb things that happen in my life. Seriously. Have you ever met a law student (or worse, a group of law students)? They’re awful (and oftentimes rather stupid) creatures. There are entire blogs (or blawgs, if you will) devoted to the idiocy of law students. [Don’t believe me? Check out my girl, Legally Fab]

I’m taking a summer class taught by one of my favorite human beings (not just law professors) ever, KFO. Barely an hour into the class, I was able to identify the class’s gunner. I’m already trying to figure out a way to tape his mouth shut for the duration of the semester. I whispered to my friend, Pete, today that there is an excellent chance that I will fight this guy by the end of the semester. He agreed the OG (Original Gunna) needs to be stopped. I’ll keep y’all updated.

In other news, Will Smith reminds everyone that he is, in fact, King of Awesome by performing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song on the Graham Norton Show.

I totally want to be best friends with him.


things you (didn’t) know about me

This falls into the category of things that most of my friends know about me, but unless I know you in real life, you have no idea.

One of my worst traits in the world is being late. Normally within the 10-20 minute variety, but sometimes it delves into the hour(s). Every member of my family suffers from the terrible affliction of perpetual lateness. It has become (affectionately) known in la mode de D as “pulling a Disterhof.”

I’m not kidding when I say every member of my family suffers from this. My dad is so notoriously late for things that people tell him to be an hour (or two) early for important functions just so he gets there on time(ish). My mother, who works a good 30 minutes away, aims to be at work at 9. Most mornings it’s a feat if she’s out the door by 9. My sister will tell us she plans to come visit & will be home at 10:00. She normally strolls in the door at noon (or later). The only person who seems unaffected by the Disterhof late gene is my brother, E. He’s normally pretty punctual. However, his girlfriend, T, is afflicted with the same plight as the rest of us.

Point being? Most of our family hates us on holidays.

This morning was no different. Class is at 9. School is a good 20-30 minutes away, depending on traffic and construction. No kidding, downtown is under MAD construction and every exit seems to look like this

actual I-90 construction

This morning I left my house at 8:50.

It’s a disease.

I’d like to say that my lateness has a legit excuse: work, school, chasing my dog down in my neighbors weeds (it happens. she’s like a little Houdini). But more often than not it’s because I either overslept (this morning), lost myself in facebook stalking, or had to finish watching an episode of Law & Order that I’ve likely seen at least twice (but still need to make sure Jack McCoy gets his GUILTY verdict. You never know when things may change).

Maybe admitting this is the first step to stopping.

Probably not. Until then, I should probably walk around wearing this shirt:

At least there would be no doubt that I, in fact, am late.