long time, no write

I’m alive. I swear. There’s been a lot going on in Casa D (and my life) and I decided to take some time away from the blog.

Basically: I needed a break.

While I’m not entirely ready to explain EVERYTHING, I am ready to talk about some things beyond my usual pop culture rants, top ten lists and dumb-things-that-happen-to-me recollections.

For instance? I’e decided to go back here.

I guess I’m a sadist. Just like Anastasia Steele

But don’t worry. I won’t stray too far from my bread and butter. There are far too many things happening in the world of pop culture for me to ignore. Besides, The Bachelorette started. And that show BEGS to be mocked. And law school will simply add to the amount of dumb things that happen in my life. Seriously. Have you ever met a law student (or worse, a group of law students)? They’re awful (and oftentimes rather stupid) creatures. There are entire blogs (or blawgs, if you will) devoted to the idiocy of law students. [Don’t believe me? Check out my girl, Legally Fab]

I’m taking a summer class taught by one of my favorite human beings (not just law professors) ever, KFO. Barely an hour into the class, I was able to identify the class’s gunner. I’m already trying to figure out a way to tape his mouth shut for the duration of the semester. I whispered to my friend, Pete, today that there is an excellent chance that I will fight this guy by the end of the semester. He agreed the OG (Original Gunna) needs to be stopped. I’ll keep y’all updated.

In other news, Will Smith reminds everyone that he is, in fact, King of Awesome by performing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song on the Graham Norton Show.

I totally want to be best friends with him.


misadventures in not being homeless

It’s been a crazy week. No, really. It has.

As of January 16, 2012, I am the proud renter of a very crappy, very expensive, apartment in Arlington, VA with 3 roommates. I’d post a picture, but I failed to take any photos while I was there. Suffice it to say, while I won’t be living in the Ritz of apartments, I won’t be residing in McPherson Square with the Occupiers. But it’s probably closer to tent city than the Watergate.

In all seriousness, it’s actually not that bad. It’s tiny, that’s for sure. And definitely not as nice as home. But it’s a start..and it’s within walking distance to the Metro. My commute is going to be amazing—5 minute walk to the train, 10 minutes on the train and like a 2 minute walk across McPherson Square to the office. As long as the trains run quickly in the morning (which they usually do), I’m looking at less than 20 minutes. Boo-yah.

To back up, my parents and I went to DC for the weekend to find a place. I thought “no biggie, I’ll find a place, sign a lease, no problem.”

Except that Washington DC real estate is a big f-ing problem.

Sunday was spent driving aimlessly through Maryland and Virginia. That’s about it. Maryland was a go…and then it wasn’t. Virginia was a go…then it wasn’t. The District was a go…and then it wasn’t. We had a list of apartment complexes, each one worse than the next. The neighborhoods not that great (Lee the D nixed several areas that resembled East Cleveland more than the East SIDE of Cleveland). We managed to look in one apartment complex that was close to nothing, stupidly expensive, and smelled like death. There were lots of tears.

At dinner (where I ate a giant cheeseburger to calm myself down), it was decided that I would do the unthinkable: go on Craigslist to find a roommate.

Yes, THAT Craigslist.

This trailer kept playing in my mind

I was NOT about to be the victim of the next Craigslist Killer.

However, my cheapness and desire to not have to commute to DC from Cleveland every day won out.

So I combed through the ads, trying to separate the creepy ones (no, I do NOT want to send you a picture of myself and I DEFINITELY don’t want to share a bedroom with you) and the misspelled ones (I believe it’s spelled “bathroom” “apartment” and “Washington” not “bathrome” “appartementt” and “wasshintone’) and manages to find a dozen or so that didn’t bring out the scary. I, however, was pretty insistent that I ONLY wanted to live with other girls.

Ha. Last laugh is on me.

I ended up finding a place that, though expensive, wasn’t going to require me to donate a kidney to pay my rent for the year (plus it was close to the metro!). I contacted them, asked if I could come see the place. We made plans, but I ended up getting caught up at work a lot longer than I anticipated.

Never fear, though. My parents went instead.

Yes, I’m 2[redacted age] years old and my mommy and daddy went to vet my potential roommates.

Luckily, no one was weirded out (probably because my roommates and my parents are not weirdos). And it all worked out. I headed over after I left the office, saw the place (and determined it was totally fine), met the roommates (determined they were awesome) and called the landlady (who is definitely ripping me off). In the matter of 20 minutes, I had signed  a lease, gotten a key, and attained two new people in my life in the process.

And they are boys.

WEIRD. I never in a million years assumed I’d ever live with guys. I’m a girls girl. I like pink and sparkles and shoes and the “The Bachelor” and chick flicks. I was in sorority. I own the ‘Sex and the City’ boxed set!

But, desperation makes strange bedfellows (or maybe apartment-fellows).

In any case, M and T are now playing supporting roles in the ‘Misadventures of Stacey’. I don’t know if they know what they’ve gotten themselves into, but they’ll find out quickly 😉

I move in on Saturday and I’ll be in the office full-time on Monday. It’s amazing how quickly life can change.

Today is going to be spent doing some work and then packing like a champ. One of my best girlfriends is coming over this afternoon to help…and I’m sure I’ll be a sobbing mess at some point (aka probably most of the afternoon).

Tomorrow is ‘packing the truck day’ and Saturday is “the move”. I’ll definitely be sure to document this. It’s going to be a circus.



what happens when your dreams change?

Well, it hasn’t been WEEKS, but it has been much longer than I thought between posts. As you can imagine my life has gotten incredibly crazy: trying to tie up loose ends with my life up in the C-L-E and trying to get ready for the next act that will happen in Washington (I’m still shaking my head at that sentence. I can’t believe it!).

Besides trying frantically to find a place to live (MAJOR stress-inducer) and writing/tweeting/tumblr-ing my little heart out (yes, I watched BOTH NH debates last weekend. And, no, I didn’t play the GOP drinking game. My liver couldn’t take it.), I’ve been spending as much time as possible with my family/friends up here. It’s bittersweet. I’m so excited and awestruck at this opportunity, but I’m also a little sad that this chapter of my life is over. I’ve made some really incredible friends and had some really wonderful experiences in the last few years in Cleveland that I’ll take with me wherever I go. I’ll still be back to visit—one of my best friends growing up is getting married on St. Patrick’s day in Cleveland, plus I’m definitely going to be back for a certain BFF’s baby shower (whenever that may be!) and (of course) after baby Kres is born. Yes, it’ll be different, but that’s not always bad.

In other news, my dad had shoulder surgery (surgery #3!) on Tuesday. He appears to be doing much better after a rough day yesterday. He’s happily taking pain meds and watching a ton of NCIS reruns.

Lastly, I urge all of you to check out my friend/sorority sister, Amber’s blog Life After Dreams Change. Not only is she one of the sweetest and smartest girls I know, she’s a terrific blogger. She and I went through similar experiences recently (her with Med School and me with Law School) and she’s done a great job of chronically those tough choices and uneasy decisions. She’s a great reminder to me that you CAN chance your dreams (and your life!) and be excited (and happy!) about it. She’s now getting her PhD in Microbiology and I’m off to our Nation’s capital to become a journalist. Seven years ago if you would have told the two of us that, we would have laughed at you—we were so convinced that med school/law school was THE answer for us.

It’s funny how things change. And, right now, definitely for the better.

do me a favor?

I was going to sit down and write something really fun and fluffy this morning. But, after receiving some truly awful news, I did a 180.

A childhood friend of my sister’s died this morning. She had been in an accident a few weeks ago and had been fighting some very serious injuries. And, sadly, this morning her little body couldn’t take it anymore and she passed away.

I’m still in shock.

Nicole and Michaela hadn’t seen each other in years—her family moved when we were kids, but I have nothing but good memories of her. She was an incredibly sweet girl with a kind heart. She was the kind of kid, even at age 8, who would go out of her way to say hello to my parents (and as she grew up, she continued to do so). I still remember her as the little brunette that was such a foil to my sister’s tall (and very blonde!) stature. My heart goes out to her parents and her family & friends. Losing someone (especially a child) is never easy and losing one during the holiday season is heartbreaking. They were (are) such a nice family and all of my thoughts and prayers are with them today.

So, I want everyone reading this to do me a favor today. Life is (sometimes horribly and tragically) short. Give someone that extra hug. Call that person you’ve been thinking about just to say “hi, I miss you.” Tell the people you love that you love them. Don’t waste your time and energy being angry, spiteful, or nasty. Be joyful, thankful and kind to one another (even if it’s reaaaaalllly hard).

And so something kind for someone today: hold open a door, donate to charity, volunteer a soup kitchen, let that person in in front of you on the highway, put an extra dollar in the tip jar at Starbucks—whatever. It doesn’t matter. Perform a random act of kindness for someone in Michaela’s honor. And maybe say an extra prayer for her & her family this weekend. I know I will.


Since I have a TON of studying to catch up on (law school, thanks for ruining my life!), but want to keep posting something every day. So this’ll be quick. Basically, all I really want to discuss is one of my all time favorite topics:

Embarrassingly awful pop music.

I LOVE it. Sure, I love other music: the Beatles are my favorite band of all time, followed by the Eagles and the Clash. I like Jeff Buckley and Neil Young. Elton John has been known to make me cry on occasion (seriously. Listen to “The Last Song” and try to tell me it’s not emotional terrorism). Prince (or whatever he’s going by these days) makes me want to shake my booty. And can we even discuss how in love I am with Eddie Vedder & Pearl Jam?

But, left to my own devices, I will almost always pick pop. Any form, any time. Early Beach Boys? Love it. Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons? Obsessed. The Bangles? can you see me—I’m walking like an Egyptian. The Go-Gos? I had Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven is a Place on Earth” 45, which I listened to on a loop for most of 1988. The Spice Girls? I was probably one of 10 people in the world to actually pay money to see Spice World. The fabulousness known at the late 90s boy band? Puh-lease. I spent the better part of Junior High/High School convinced I was one day going to become Mrs. Nick Carter.

Point is? I don’t just love pop music. I “lurve” pop music. (and bonus points if you caught the Annie Hall reference). Much like my love for all things chick lit, I have no shame in admitting that my musical tastes run more towards Katy Perry than Kate Bush.

I was going to do a top 10 list of my all-time favorite embarrassing songs, but I’m exhausted (damn you, Daylight Savings time) and I still have some studying to do (damn you, law school!). So instead I’ll leave you one the first of the “Stacey’s Super Sucky Songs” list.

check out those sweet mustaches. And the awesome polyester blazers.

Also, confession, I sang this song on repeat for the better part of my freshman year of college. No joke. I’m sure my friends & roommate were REALLY sick of John & Dan (it’s ok if I call them that. we’re basically BFFs). But I would often forget all of the words except for “I’m not talking ’bout movin’ in and I don’t wanna change your life. There’s a cold wind blowin’, the stars are out and I’d really love to see you toniiiiight.” I sang it to everyone. My friends, roommate, boyfriend. I even serenaded a professor (mostly because at that point I had no idea who sang the song or what the rest of the words were and I was curious if he knew). I’m aware that I’m a total weirdo. It’s ok.

Anyway, I came across the tee shirt. Even though I rarely wear tee shirts except to the gym and to sleep (all bets are off when it comes to sport though. I’ll always be reppin’ the C-L-E), but I would definitely make an exception for this.

How cute! And pretty perfect.

Finally, my sister posted this on my facebook wall earlier this week and I about died. Fastforward to 3:17. You will not be disappointed


Day 2. I am on a roll.

I had lunch yesterday with my mom; my best friend, “S” and her mom, “L”. The four of us try to get lunch once a month to catch up, etc. Because S and I are both in school (and S has a regular full-time job), it’s been harder & harder to get together without scheduling weeks in advance. I hadn’t seen her in forever—her last semester of grad school is kicking her ass & all she does is work & do schoolwork. But the minute I got into the car, she dropped a bombshell on me.

She’s pregnant.

My reaction:

To say that I was surprised is the understatement of the century. Last time I saw her, we were planning an NYC trip for December to celebrate her being done with school and I was already trying to set her up with one of my dude friends (she had JUST broken up with her boyfriend. I won’t go into details, but it was ugly and I wanted to kill him for making my BFF so upset). I was telling her awesome being single was (ok, so I lied a little) and that no matter what, she was amazing and wonderful and someone was going to see that & sweep her off her feet

Clearly I was wrong.

Lest you think I’m a monster. I AM happy for her. REALLY happy for her. A baby is a blessing and a joy and she is going to be the MOST AMAZING mother ever. I can’t wait to spoil the baby rotten & teach him or her ways to annoy mom & dad (seriously, being an “aunt” is way better than having a kid yourself) and throw her the most bitchin’ baby shower ever. I’m thrilled for her (and her family) and I know that this baby is going to be so so loved.

But I still can’t shake the feeling of utter sadness that swept over me when she told me (after the initial “say what” shock). Does that make me a terrible BFF? Probably (no, scratch that. It DEFINITELY makes me a terrible friend). I guess it’s because S and I were always on the same wavelength & going through similar paths in both our personal and professional at the same time. Lots of my girlfriends from college got married right away & had babies, which automatically put them on a different path than I. S was different. It seemed we always had the same boy problems, job issues and personal struggles. Having her was having a buddy that always seemed to know & understand what I was going through because SHE was going through it too. Now, we are clearly going on VERY divergent paths

two paths.

It’s completely selfish and I can’t believe I’m even admitting this to the blog0sphere, but I had to get it off my chest. Even though I’m so happy for her & wish her only the best and can’t WAIT to meet that baby, I can’t help but feel that it’s the end of an era. No more last minute trips, three hour Sunday brunches, gin-soaked happy hours, etc.

I think sad is the wrong word for how I feel. It’s not that. It’s mostly lonely. I feel totally and completely alone. Most of my girlfriends from high school or college are now either married, have kids or at least are homeowners (aka “grown-ups”). I’m still single and would probably forget to feed my dog if my parents didn’t remind me. Point being? I’m kind of a mess. And it’s as though everyone else is making these giant leaps forward in their personal & professional lives…and I’m still stuck at go. I can see the race ahead of me and I have my kick ass running shoes tied…but I don’t actually start.

I know my time is coming. After all it is


(Sorry, I really like that graphic)

And I know my path is probably really different from a lot of my friends. I have different dreams and goals that I want to accomplish. But it still smarts when you see everyone you know moving forward & you’re stuck in the same place.

Ok, enough of the pity party for one.

This just means I have to get more serious about “my path”. Maybe I should see a psychic? I’ve always wanted to see one (but not if they tell me I’m going to die soon. That wouldn’t be fun). I had an obsession with Miss Cleo. Remember her?

But seriously, this does mean that I have to start making some changes. I don’t know exactly what or when, but soon. And as soon as I figure it out, I’ll let you know 🙂

So, I’ll leave you with one of my favoritest songs ever, the aptly titled “Changes” by David Bowie (post Ziggy Stardust)