deeply fabulous twenty-something delving into adventures (sometimes in the C-L-E, sometimes in other exciting places like Paris or New Jersey!) with her equally fabulous friends, hilarious (not always on purpose) family members and her petite pooch, Maggie May.

Can often be seen: laughing (even when things aren’t funny); reading the Bullseye in EW; DVR-ing shows from the early 90s (Doogie! Kevin Arnold!); at Sephora (and on the Sephora iPhone app!); constantly youtubing ESPN commercials; drinking fountain Diet Cokes with lots of ice; tweeting at Cleveland Indians players and attending baby showers of her girlfriends (should probably buy stock in Baby Gap…)

Mostly she’s trying to navigate the next phase of her life,trying to find suitable employment, paying off those pesky law school loans (newsflash: even if you leave, they expect to be paid back) and documenting it all for posterity (and to make her friends laugh). Stay tuned to what happens next.


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