Happy Valentine’s Day from Courtney & Doug

Well, CPAC is over and the site is officially launched. I’m exhausted, but in a really good way. (side note: I am also sick. I wasn’t aware of the CPAC plague until this year. Although I may have gotten sick in college after going, I don’t really remember).

CPAC was equal amounts stress and fun. Our booth was a success, our publication launched, Reaganpalooza was well attended, and I got to meet Chuck Woolery. Yes, good times by all. I know if you spoke to me on Saturday afternoon, I was a mess (sorry about that!). I was SO exhausted and stressed and I missed my family (and home) so much. But, I went to the party, got some sleep, and woke up feeling much better. Except for the flu bug. That was still there (and it still sucked).

The highlight of CPAC (aside from seeing old friends from college whom I absolutely adore), was when my friends and I ended up the Newt 2012 pizza party. We weren’t allowed into the OTHER party we were supposed to be at (Thanks, Murphy’s Pub for being such a-holes about it, too), we ended up at Newt’s. A big thanks to the Newt people for giving two very tired (and hungry!) writers some pizza.

That brings us to today. Valentine’s Day. Specifically how my favorite trainwreck and her grandpa-husband are celebrating V-Day.

Aww, look at that. They’re re-creating Lady and the Tramp. So cute. Go here to see the full Daily Mail piece. But I’d advise against reading it if you’re eating anything. You will likely choke on your own vomit.

In other news, I lost my cell phone at CPAC. Yup. One minute I’m sitting in the media room, covering Andrew Breitbart’s speech, and then next I’m freaking out at the front desk about my phone. I ordered a Blackberry to get me through the next few months (before I can switch back to Verizon! Hopefully the iPhone 5 will be out by then). I already miss my poor iPhone. Sads.

A bunch of my friends were in town for CPAC, but I really didn’t get to spend much time with them. I worked basically the entire time, but I did manage to have dinner with them on Saturday. But two hours was definitely not enough. I’m excited that they’re coming back in two months for YRLC!

Life’s good, though. I still miss home (and I think I always will), but I love my job and DC is growing on me. Hopefully I’ll be getting home in the next few weeks: baby showers and weddings are on the agenda 🙂



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