misadventures in not being homeless

It’s been a crazy week. No, really. It has.

As of January 16, 2012, I am the proud renter of a very crappy, very expensive, apartment in Arlington, VA with 3 roommates. I’d post a picture, but I failed to take any photos while I was there. Suffice it to say, while I won’t be living in the Ritz of apartments, I won’t be residing in McPherson Square with the Occupiers. But it’s probably closer to tent city than the Watergate.

In all seriousness, it’s actually not that bad. It’s tiny, that’s for sure. And definitely not as nice as home. But it’s a start..and it’s within walking distance to the Metro. My commute is going to be amazing—5 minute walk to the train, 10 minutes on the train and like a 2 minute walk across McPherson Square to the office. As long as the trains run quickly in the morning (which they usually do), I’m looking at less than 20 minutes. Boo-yah.

To back up, my parents and I went to DC for the weekend to find a place. I thought “no biggie, I’ll find a place, sign a lease, no problem.”

Except that Washington DC real estate is a big f-ing problem.

Sunday was spent driving aimlessly through Maryland and Virginia. That’s about it. Maryland was a go…and then it wasn’t. Virginia was a go…then it wasn’t. The District was a go…and then it wasn’t. We had a list of apartment complexes, each one worse than the next. The neighborhoods not that great (Lee the D nixed several areas that resembled East Cleveland more than the East SIDE of Cleveland). We managed to look in one apartment complex that was close to nothing, stupidly expensive, and smelled like death. There were lots of tears.

At dinner (where I ate a giant cheeseburger to calm myself down), it was decided that I would do the unthinkable: go on Craigslist to find a roommate.

Yes, THAT Craigslist.

This trailer kept playing in my mind

I was NOT about to be the victim of the next Craigslist Killer.

However, my cheapness and desire to not have to commute to DC from Cleveland every day won out.

So I combed through the ads, trying to separate the creepy ones (no, I do NOT want to send you a picture of myself and I DEFINITELY don’t want to share a bedroom with you) and the misspelled ones (I believe it’s spelled “bathroom” “apartment” and “Washington” not “bathrome” “appartementt” and “wasshintone’) and manages to find a dozen or so that didn’t bring out the scary. I, however, was pretty insistent that I ONLY wanted to live with other girls.

Ha. Last laugh is on me.

I ended up finding a place that, though expensive, wasn’t going to require me to donate a kidney to pay my rent for the year (plus it was close to the metro!). I contacted them, asked if I could come see the place. We made plans, but I ended up getting caught up at work a lot longer than I anticipated.

Never fear, though. My parents went instead.

Yes, I’m 2[redacted age] years old and my mommy and daddy went to vet my potential roommates.

Luckily, no one was weirded out (probably because my roommates and my parents are not weirdos). And it all worked out. I headed over after I left the office, saw the place (and determined it was totally fine), met the roommates (determined they were awesome) and called the landlady (who is definitely ripping me off). In the matter of 20 minutes, I had signed  a lease, gotten a key, and attained two new people in my life in the process.

And they are boys.

WEIRD. I never in a million years assumed I’d ever live with guys. I’m a girls girl. I like pink and sparkles and shoes and the “The Bachelor” and chick flicks. I was in sorority. I own the ‘Sex and the City’ boxed set!

But, desperation makes strange bedfellows (or maybe apartment-fellows).

In any case, M and T are now playing supporting roles in the ‘Misadventures of Stacey’. I don’t know if they know what they’ve gotten themselves into, but they’ll find out quickly 😉

I move in on Saturday and I’ll be in the office full-time on Monday. It’s amazing how quickly life can change.

Today is going to be spent doing some work and then packing like a champ. One of my best girlfriends is coming over this afternoon to help…and I’m sure I’ll be a sobbing mess at some point (aka probably most of the afternoon).

Tomorrow is ‘packing the truck day’ and Saturday is “the move”. I’ll definitely be sure to document this. It’s going to be a circus.




4 thoughts on “misadventures in not being homeless

  1. Hooray for totally not being homeless! Boy roomates should be interesting. I’ve never had any, but the movies make them look fun? 😉

    Good luck with moving.

  2. I had 2 male apartment-mates (I couldn’t say roommates or my dad would’ve had a heart attack!) my senior year in college. No drama…no long waits for the bathroom…and we all got along.

    Enjoy this adventure! You are going to rock DC!

  3. I’m so glad I got to see you today! Sorry I helped with exactly zero packing. But let me know if you need help moving things tomorrow – I’m free all morning and afternoon! (I miss you already!!!)

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