this should put a smile on your face

It seems like everyone is getting into the holiday spirit, including six year old, Aiden Moe (click on the link for the news story!) from Bryan, South Dakota.

The adorable (and bespecled) youngster used the $1000 prize he won to buy 100 pillow pets to give to kids staying at the Sioux Falls Ronald McDonald House (if you remember I wrote this about RMH a few weeks ago).

Aiden had been a patient at Brookings Hospital when someone gave him a pillow pet. He loved it so much and wanted OTHER sick kids to have one too. So instead of buying, well, whatever six year olds like (dinosaurs? baseball? I don’t know much about little kids), he used the money to help others.

What an awesome little boy. And a reminder that you don’t have to be an adult (or even have all your permanent teeth!) to make a difference in someone’s life.

And, if you’re looking for a great organization to support, might I suggest Cleveland Ronald McDonald House?


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