I watch tv like a Democrat?

I know I said I wouldn’t get political on this blog, but Entertainment Weekly posted this the other day. A list of the most/least popular shows amongst Republicans/Democrats.

And according to the list, I apparently watch television like a Democrat.

Even stranger, the shows that the Republicans really hate, I really love (hello! Bridezillas and My Fair Wedding?!?! WE owns my soul).

Just a sample: the top Democrat-lovin’ shows: 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, Daily Show & Colbert Reports, Modern Family, Cougar Town, the View (did you just see me cromit into the wastecan? I can’t help it. If someone mentions The View I have a very visceral reaction), It’s Always Sunny, and Glee

Sample of the GOP-lovin’ shows: Swamp Loggers, the Bachelor, Castle, Mythbusters, the Middle (which I love love love), Wheel of Fortune (really?), The Mentalist, NCIS (so thew new ’24’), and the Biggest Loser.

If you were to look at my DVR (well, the ones that I set. Not the ones Lee the D sets) and compare it to the EW list, you would suspect I was a super liberal Democrat. Parks & Rec! 30 Rock! Modern Family! It’s Always Sunny! Project Runway! Noticeably absent Swamp Loggers (seriously, what IS that show?), anything with Larry the Cable guy (remember this post in which I bemoan how unfunny Larry actually is?) and Dancing With The Stars. And, ok, there is more than a handful of Hawaii 5-0 and NCIS, but that’s ALLLLL Lee the D. Going by this list, he’d be a pretty typical Republican.

However, I do think this list MAY be a little flawed. I don’t think this really speaks to Democrats v. Republicans, but really older viewers v. younger viewers. I fear that the Democrats they spoke to were all under 35 and the Republicans they spoke to were all over 45. Wheel of Fortune? REALLY? I don’t know ANYONE under the age of 70 that watches the Wheel (and that includes Republicans).

While I don’t think this is a total example of media bias (make the Dems look cool while those loser-y Republicans look like lame-os), it does back points made that most media outlets want Republicans to be seen as out-of-touch, out-of-date, Middle America losers while the Democrats get to look like the hip, with-it, masters of all that is awesome. Most of the Republicans I know (and I do know a lot) would look at this list and laugh. “Do they REALLY think all of us sit around watching ‘The Wheel’ and Larry the Cable Guy” I imagine more than a few of them would say (including myself). I’m more likely to vote for Barak Obama than sit through an episode of Man v. Wild (or ANYTHING with Larry the Cable Guy). I love Liz Lemon and her weird co-workers on 30 Rock. I want to go to Paddy’s Pub in South Philly and hang out with Dee, Dennis, Mac & Charlie, I want to be adopted by Tim Gunn (sorry Mom & Dad—he can adopt you guys too!).

What do you guys think. Is the list legit or a total crock? (if you got the 3 Men and a Little Lady reference, bonus points for you)

EDIT: I was wrong—my friend Joanmarie (who IS under the age of 70) watches “the Wheel”—I stand corrected 🙂


2 thoughts on “I watch tv like a Democrat?

  1. Ummm..I guess I’m a confused TV viewer — part Democrat, part Republican (according to the list). Also, I guess I really am over 70 (I thought I just felt that old some days) because I watch Wheel of Fortune pretty often, usually while reading the newspaper. I glance up occasionally to guess the word. It’s practice for when I get to be on the show and win loads of money! (Only if they ever come to Cleveland to film.)

    Lists like this are laughable. They’re just as bad as the “tests” in Cosmopolitan magazine (e.g., “Is your man cheating on you?”) — do they still publish that, and do they still have stupid quizzes?

    P.S.- Thanks for blogging – you entertain me!

  2. The list is interesting…where do they come up with these things?? I fall right in the middle I think, I watch some off of both lists including Wheel of Fortune. 🙂

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