thanksgiving update!

I’m back from my self-imposed “break”. The holiday weekend and finals induced panic got me, but I’m breakin’ the cycle, people!

Thanksgiving was lovely (as always). It’s always so nice to have everyone in the house, eating and drinking and hanging out. My mom is a fabulous cook and made a DELISH dinner. I took lots of pictures which I promise I’ll post…once I find the camera cord. *whomp whomp*…

My sister & I went to go see “The Muppets” on Wednesday night. Oh.My.God. ADORABLE. Absolutely adorable. And, as predicted, five minutes in and the two of us were already crying. I’ll make sure to do a review of the movie because it’s worth talking about.

The rest of the weekend was spent (mostly) studying. But I did take a few hours out to help decorate the Christmas tree.

We were NEVER that family that put up the tree Thanksgiving weekend. In fact, I remember some years the tree not being put up until the 22/23. It’s not that we were a family of Grinches…we were just busy. But now, my mom LOVES to put the tree up right after Turkey Day. I think some of it has to do with the fact she’s obsessed with having her Christmas trees (yes, there are plural) look “just so”. I’m not kidding. After E and I would put ornaments on, if she didn’t like exactly where they were, she’d move them. I think her next career move should be in creating holiday displays in Department stores (and I’m not really kidding, either). I may joke that she takes the decorating thing WAY too seriously, but I have to admit. She has great taste and does a great job.

Here’s a picture of the tree, halfway done.

Sorry for the crappy iPhone camera, but I was livetweeting decorating. And, yes, I AM that lame.

It’s always fun putting up the tree. I LOVED it as a kid—I was always the one to beg to put up the tree as soon as possible. If it was acceptable to put the tree up in October, I probably would have…especially since I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween. Besides, it’s fun to look through old ornaments that we’ve accumulated over the years. My parents saved EVERYTHING we made as kids—every weird little ornament we’ve ever made. It’s also funny to be able to decipher who made what. Basically, if it is completely overdone and has more glitter than a Ke$ha concert, it was clearly made by baby Stacey (my glitter aficionado status was cemented at an early age). Also, fun fact? My kindergarten teacher one told my mom I was the worst colorer that she had ever seen in all her years of teaching (and she wasn’t exactly a spring chicken, if you catch my drift). This led to my mother making me practice coloring for most of my 5th (and 6th) year. Yup. I was forced to “practice” coloring…and cutting. Apparently my skillz weren’t up to snuff.

Aside from the homemade ornaments, it’s also hilarious to see the store-bought ornaments. Nic and I have a whole box filled with Barbie and Disney and American Girl Doll ones. If there was any sort of girly ornament marketed in a given year, you’d better believe that it was bought for the two of us. But that’s cute (I think, anyway). Who doesn’t want a Scarlett O’Hara or Molly McIntyre (from the American Girl collection. If you are a female and under the age of 35 and don’t know what that is, I feel sorry for you. You were robbed of a childhood) ornament?  Buying us girls ornaments was (is) fun.

Buying my brother ornaments? Not so fun. Aside from his “baby’s first christmas” ornaments, E has an entire collection of, well, ODD, ornaments. In place of dolls and angels, Erik has trucks and motorcycles. That’s right. Nothing says Christmas like Harley Davidson (especially if you’re a kid that doesn’t like motorcycles). All of his ornaments are either pickup trucks (at last count there was three), motorcycles (two), and, no tree would be complete without a Magic Johnson ornament.

Here’s E putting it up. Be jealous.

As you can imagine, there were lots of inappropriate jokes being told at poor Magic’s expense. But since this is a family-friendly blog, I’ll let you use your imaginations.

That’s really about it. Life will resume for me next week after exams (and regular blog posts, I swear). For now, I’ll leave you with a clip from the Soup (hands down one of the funniest shows on tv. And not just because my boyfriend Joel McHale hosts it.) Everyone knows about my love for Courtney Stodden and her weirdo husband, Doug Hutchinson (heart you guys! keep it riiiiiillll!) and my love of the Bravo! housewives. The Soup (I keep writing “the stoup”. blergh. It’s not a stupid Rachel Ray recipe) combined the two. The result. Only what I wish for in my dream of dreams.

Go to the E! website to check it out. Hilarious.



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