i’m wearing my outrage glasses #savegreendale

I was driving home after having dinner with one of my favorite ladies of all time (hi, Sam!) when I saw something terrible.

NBC has put Community on indefinite hiatus!

Say it isn’t so! For those of you that don’t know, Community is the 8:00 NBC Thursday sitcom about a group of weirdos that form a study group at a Colorado Community College. That’s it. That’s the entire premise. Sure, there are other weirdo  characters (a Dean that likes cross dressing and a former Spanish teacher that now lives in the vents of the school with a monkey named Annie’s Boobs. yup, I couldn’t make that up if I wanted to).

It’s a wildly funny, offbeat and really smart show. They’re one of the few shining examples of sitcoms trying to use ‘meta’ humor and not failing miserably. Yes, the show is a little weird…but, seriously, did you not read the premise? Still don’t believe me that its funny? Check out some of Season 2’s best moments here:

Chevy Chase KILLS me as Pierce (follow @oldwhitemansays on twitter!) and Joel McHale was the perfect choice to play Jeff. It’s definitely an odd little show that probably doesn’t have mass appeal (Everybody Loves Raymond, this is not), but it’s a brave, witty little show that I think if more people watched, they’d really like.

So today, NBC announced their midseason line-up, and (sadly) Community was nowhere to be found. Even worse was that Whitney is still on the schedule (yuck!). I understand NBC wanting to get rid of some of their crappy shows (bye bye Playboy Club!) and low performing (I’ll miss you, Prime Suspect! And Maria Bello–I still love you!). But what I don’t understand is putting a show that, even though it has a small audience, recieves constant praise, but greenlights more episodes of seriously awful awful television.

Yes, Whitney Cummings, I’m looking at you.

I’m the first person to cry foul when someone say something along the lines of “Women comediennes just aren’t funny.” Really? Just because I have a va-jay-jay I can’t be funny? Some of the funniest people I know are women and some of the funniest comedians out there are of the female persuasion. Are you REALLY trying to tell me Tiny Fey isn’t funny? Or Amy Poehler? (seriously, have you NOT seen Parks and Rec? Netflix it. Now.) Or Kristen Wiig? Or Melissa McCarthy? (again, have you NOT seen Bridesmaids? She’s getting OSCAR buzz! For a COMEDY!!). And can we even begin to talk about the amazing Joan Rivers? Or Lucille Ball? Or Gilda Radner? All seriously seriously funny people. And are all ladies. Sure, for every Mindy Kaling (go buy her book! here!) there’s a Jeanne Garofalo (ugh. terrible.). But come on, gentleman. You guys have Dane Cook, Carrot Top and Larry the Cable Guy (not to mention all of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour)

But any legitimate claims I have seem to leave when someone mentions Whitney Cummings, star and creator of the aforementioned horrific Whitney. Imagine the most unlikeable female sitcom character and multiply her by a thousand. That’s Whitney.


Anyway, not the point of this (other than NBC is letting THAT remain on the air in all it’s terrible, unfunny, laugh-tracked awfulness and sidelining Community)

Just hours after it was announced, somebody created Save Greendale [dot com]–THE online presence to (hopefully) save this terrific (and terrifically funny) show.

People are already taking to blogs and twitter, including this open letter to NBC from Maureen Ryan (a fellow television comedy aficionado), urging people to write, blog and tweet at NBC, encouraging them to #SaveGreeendale! (I’m already obsessing over the hashtag). So I’m following suit and encouraging everyone I know (whether or not you like the show) to contact NBC (or at least tweet at them) to Save the Greendale Human Beings! (and if you ask really nicely, I might even let you borrow my DVDs).

Because, really, why should this be renewed and not this! (p.s. I would so marry Jeffrey Winger)


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