weekend adventures

So this weekend is going to be exciting. My former college roommate, Mollie (a mother blogger) is coming to visit today with her adorable little girl (!) and I’m SO excited to see them. I’m not sure what all will be on the agenda for the weekend, but I’m thinking it might be the zoo. I don’t have kids (shocker), so I’m not exactly sure what’s kid-friendly in the area. But I figure the zoo is a safe bet and maybe dinner at Melt? I don’t know. In any case I’m more excited to see them than anything. We could hang out at my house and it wouldn’t matter (but would probably be horribly boring for “Mini Mollie” as I’ve taken to calling her).

Also, my BFF growing up, Libby, is ALSO home for the weekend. She’s my cool friend. You know. Everyone has one. The friend (usually a really old friend) that is so awesome that you find yourself talking about them to other people to boost your hip factor? Lib’s that friend for me. She’s a marine biologist (which in itself is awesome) and lives in Seattle (double awesome points) on top of literally being one of the funniest and coolest chicks I know. I haven’t seen her in FOREVER (again, I’m a terrible friend), but I am definitely going to be taking some time to make sure I see her this weekend. Our other BFF (there were four of us growing up that were best friends), Chelsea and her husband, Joe, are having a party tonight that I am going to try to make an appearance at (but with Mollie in town, I’m not sure I can).

I’m the worst at keeping in touch with people. I’m an excellent friend-maker (is that even a word? if it isn’t, I’m adding it to “urban dictionary”), but I suck at keeping them. People get busy and sometimes so much time has passed that I’m convinced that people have forgotten who I am! (it’s silly and stupid, I know). I’ve started making a more concerted effort to keep in touch with people. I’m so lucky that I’ve been blessed with SO many wonderful people in my life and I need to do a better job of keeping them there.

That’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll have more to say later, but for now I need to make sure the house is child-proofed (I don’t remember the last time we had someone over that had kids). Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend (and Go Bucks!)


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