Since I have a TON of studying to catch up on (law school, thanks for ruining my life!), but want to keep posting something every day. So this’ll be quick. Basically, all I really want to discuss is one of my all time favorite topics:

Embarrassingly awful pop music.

I LOVE it. Sure, I love other music: the Beatles are my favorite band of all time, followed by the Eagles and the Clash. I like Jeff Buckley and Neil Young. Elton John has been known to make me cry on occasion (seriously. Listen to “The Last Song” and try to tell me it’s not emotional terrorism). Prince (or whatever he’s going by these days) makes me want to shake my booty. And can we even discuss how in love I am with Eddie Vedder & Pearl Jam?

But, left to my own devices, I will almost always pick pop. Any form, any time. Early Beach Boys? Love it. Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons? Obsessed. The Bangles? can you see me—I’m walking like an Egyptian. The Go-Gos? I had Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven is a Place on Earth” 45, which I listened to on a loop for most of 1988. The Spice Girls? I was probably one of 10 people in the world to actually pay money to see Spice World. The fabulousness known at the late 90s boy band? Puh-lease. I spent the better part of Junior High/High School convinced I was one day going to become Mrs. Nick Carter.

Point is? I don’t just love pop music. I “lurve” pop music. (and bonus points if you caught the Annie Hall reference). Much like my love for all things chick lit, I have no shame in admitting that my musical tastes run more towards Katy Perry than Kate Bush.

I was going to do a top 10 list of my all-time favorite embarrassing songs, but I’m exhausted (damn you, Daylight Savings time) and I still have some studying to do (damn you, law school!). So instead I’ll leave you one the first of the “Stacey’s Super Sucky Songs” list.

check out those sweet mustaches. And the awesome polyester blazers.

Also, confession, I sang this song on repeat for the better part of my freshman year of college. No joke. I’m sure my friends & roommate were REALLY sick of John & Dan (it’s ok if I call them that. we’re basically BFFs). But I would often forget all of the words except for “I’m not talking ’bout movin’ in and I don’t wanna change your life. There’s a cold wind blowin’, the stars are out and I’d really love to see you toniiiiight.” I sang it to everyone. My friends, roommate, boyfriend. I even serenaded a professor (mostly because at that point I had no idea who sang the song or what the rest of the words were and I was curious if he knew). I’m aware that I’m a total weirdo. It’s ok.

Anyway, I came across the tee shirt. Even though I rarely wear tee shirts except to the gym and to sleep (all bets are off when it comes to sport though. I’ll always be reppin’ the C-L-E), but I would definitely make an exception for this.

How cute! And pretty perfect.

Finally, my sister posted this on my facebook wall earlier this week and I about died. Fastforward to 3:17. You will not be disappointed


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