happy NaBloPoMo 2011!

Since I’m (fairly) new to this “regular” blogging thing, I decided to challenge myself by doing National Blog Posting Month—essentially, I will post something EVERY day for the month of November. I think it will be a fantastic way to really get myself into the habit of daily blogging AND maybe discover some new blogs.

My lovely (and talented) friend, Julia (http://styckywycket.wordpress.com) has participated for the past few years and encouraged me to as well. Jule and I were sorority sisters back in college and she remains one of my favorite people on earth.Even back in college, she was an individual and always marched to the beat of her own drummer, which is something I not only respect, but really value in a friend. She’s easily one of the most interesting people I know—she was a Fine Arts major in college (until I convinced her to switch to Business, ha ha) and always has some sort of project going on (or interesting book/movie/podcast to recommend). She and her fiance, “Charlie”, will always have a special place in my heart & I’m always excited to hear what the two of them are up to. My FAVORITE Julia memory is from our sophomore year of college when there was some CRAZY shit going on in our sorority (looking back now, I realize it was girls being girls, but back then you would have thought the world was ending). Julia, being the awesome artist she is, designed these hilarious baseball-style tee shirts that said “Grandmaster [insert sorority]” on the front and “this isn’t the chess club” on the back. I don’t remember what exactly caused the major drama, but it definitely had something to do with some of the girls not taking it as seriously as they should (I think) and the phrase “this isn’t the chess club” was thrown out in a fit of rage. So, of course, Jules (and a few other sisters) got angry and started the “Mean Girls of [sorority]” faction, complete with tee shirts. Don’t worry, everything blew over shortly after, but the tee shirt design still makes me laugh, even [redacted] years later.

So the month of November’s topic “blogging for blogging’s sake” (or something to that effect). I like it. Because, really, don’t we all just blog for the sake of blogging? To put your thoughts down for all of your family&friends (and cyberspace) to read?

Today’s prompt is “what is your favorite part of writing?”

Easy. Putting down my thoughts on paper (or website, whatever) for posterity (or to make myself laugh). Lots of ridiculous things happen to me or around me and I feel the world ought to know about them. As I’ve stated before, I’ve wanted to be a writer since about 7. I never wanted to be a teacher or an actress or whatever little girls want to be. I probably did want to be a princess though. But since I STILL want to be a princess, that doesn’t count (hey, Prince Harry, call me! I’m single! and I like gingers!).

Aside from funny things happening to me, I’m pretty (read: VERY) opinionated. I’m going to shy away from politics on this blog, but if you want to check out my political writing, head over to http://www.fiercefabulousconservative.wordpress.com. (caution, I write about conservative politics. I am a conservative. I like conservatives. My only regret in life is that I didn’t get to marry George Prescott Bush when he was single. Goggle him if you don’t know who that is. You’ll thank me) I’m still working on it, so sit tight and I’ll be posting over there very soon! On this blog, though, you can expect my own commentary on the ridiculous things happening in the world of pop culture and the latest drama caused by my dumb-dumb homeowner’s association.

Because I read blogs, I know how great (or not-so-great) they can be. My hope is that mine will fall more into the former than the latter, but only time will tell. Besides not marry George P, my only real regret is that I shied away from writing publicly for so long. I’ve always loved to write, but had mad insecurity about whether or not I was any good.

But my 2[redacted] birthday caused me to say “Just Stop It”. “Just Stop It” was the theme of my entire 1L year of law school. My girlfriends (yes, you CAN make fabulous girlfriends in law school. It happens!) and I started using the phrase for things (and people) we didn’t like. The couple that makes out in the law library. Just Stop It. The annoying gunner (a horrible horrible person that is in every law class in the country that thinks (s)he is smarter than everyone else and is constantly raising their hand to offer their opinion. everyone hates this person. don’t be this person) that hasn’t stopped talking for an entire semester. Just Stop It. Sadistic Torts Professor that takes sick pleasure in making you feel stupid? Just Stop It. The terrible awful no-good brief that makes you want to cromit (cry/vomit at the same time)? Just Stop It. It’s an excellent phrase that I attribute to my friend, Mary (who also is credited with created “tortianity” — the religion of torts. But more on that later).

Anyway, after I turned 2[-], I realized that I was sick of living my life in fear. I took a cute from George Costanza

and decided that this would be the “Year of Stacey” I decided to go back to law school, figure out what I REALLY wanted to do with my life, be a better friend, get back in touch with my Catholic faith (still working on that one) and, essentially, JUST STOP IT (being scared/sad/etc.) and start living my life. So it became

I’ve already started to figure a lot of things out. Namely, that I want to be a writer. A real writer. I’ve gone a crazy, round-about way of finding that out, but the main thing is that I’ve gotten here.

With that, I’m going to turn to my FAVORITE couple on the planet. Courtney and Doug.

Aren’t they just the best? For those of you that aren’t aware (or have been living under a rock!), this is Courtney Stodden (17) and her creepy grandpa-husband, Doug Hutchinson (51). He’s not REALLY her grandfather, but he’s old enough to be A grandfather. These two are constantly getting into trouble, most recently getting kicked out of a pumpkin patch. Anderson Cooper and I are both obsessed with these two kooky kids. (they are a favorite of his on the Ridiculist). It’s like watching a train wreck before your very eyes and I (like millions of others) can’t help but keep watching. For Halloween, these two dressed up. Well, Courtney just walked out of the house like she usually does. Doug dressed up like his child-bride. It’s so disturbing, yet I can’t look away. I imagine we’ll be seeing a lot more of these two in the coming months (one can only hope. They are a pop culture writer’s dream)

I leave you with my favorite music video OF ALL TIME(s). “Don’t Put it On Me Girl” by Courtney Alexis Stodden. Watch it. Love it. Live it. (and before you ask, no, you can’t make it your ringtone yet. I already checked.)


One thought on “happy NaBloPoMo 2011!

  1. In addition to being flattered by the lovely things you’ve said about me, it’s true: I have you to thank for steering me toward a much more structured path for my education, which has allowed me to get back to art as fun, rather as drudgery.

    I wish you so much good luck in NaBloPoMo, and I’m so excited to follow your posts!

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