Halloween update

Again, I clearly am not-s0-good at this updating thing. Every time something funny happens, I think to myself “This would make an excellent blog post”, make a quick note of it on my iPhone (thank you notes app!)…and then promptly forget about it. There are countless little notes I’ve written to remind myself to blog about something, but then life (or The Vampire Diaries on netflix streaming) gets in the way.

Law school is better the second time around. And, only being a part-time student (for now, anyway), the pressure is nowhere near as awful as it was two years ago as a 1L.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my first year of law school lately. It was easily the worst year of my life academically. I went from being an ‘A’ student to a ‘not-so-much-A’ student. I had never seen so many ugly curved-shaped letters attached to my name EVER. All the books and blogs and advice from lawyers who have been there tell you from the get-go that it is very likely that you will not be a straight-A student anymore. Law schools use a horrible grading system called “the curve” which turns normally slightly neurotic type A personalities into barely functioning psychotic residents of Planet Crazytown. Basically, they tell you that in your class of 60, only 6 of you will be getting A’s. No matter how brilliant everyone’s exams are, only 10% will be getting top grades. No one thinks that they’ll be in the bottom 90%, having likely come from the top of their undergraduate classes. I certainly never thought so. But, like lots of other first year law students, I was completely crushed with my first year grades.

You can imagine that “the curve” creates an unhealthy atmosphere of competition. But, at least in my experience, I found my classmates to be lovely and helpful. Though we were all competing for the same grades (and the same jobs), I ended up with an incredible group of friends that helped me get through my first year. We laughed about our professors, became obsessed with ‘Teen Mom’ and ‘Jersey Shore’ (I tried to get everyone into ‘Frank the Entertainer’s Basement Affair’), spent hours on facebook chat, lamented about the rule against perpetuities (it still gives me a headache) and made up our own mnemonic devices to remember what constitutes a tort (duty, breach, proximate cause, cause-in-fact, damages!). We studied together, ate lunch together, went out together. So, even though academically 2009-2010 was a drag, I ended up with some pretty amazing people in my life.

Halloween is always a big deal in law school, mostly because it’s the last weekend of the year before finals-induced panic sets in. 1L year my friends and I dressed up as a boy band (Barely Legal) and its teenybopper groupies. We placed 2nd in the group costume contest (I’m still bitter about losing to the ‘Hot Cops’, but whatever). It was a pretty bitchin’ idea.

As you can see, we had the bad boy, the heartthrob, the shy one, the baby and the reassuring older brother. Plus their manager (you can’t see, but he’s wearing track pants and yes, he’s yelling into a cell phone). And, yes, we put their pictures on our tee shirts. It was hilariously awesome.

Last year, I didn’t get a chance to dress up. I live in Ohio where we were having a hotly contested Governor’s race (and a pretty intense Senatorial race too). Being as political as I am (and as involved as I am!), I spent last year on the campaign trail for (now Governor!) John Kasich and (now Senator!) Rob Portman. Halloween fell on the weekend before the election, so instead of getting my drink and dance on, I spent the weekend orchestrated the second of our Ohio deployments. This is how I spent Halloween ’10.

I’m happy to say that, with the exception of two, all of my races won! Even though there is a hot button issue (issue 2!) on the ballot this year, I’ve stayed pretty quiet. Although I know next year is going to be INSANE with the Presidential going on, I’m going to enjoy this year. I have a few parties to go to tonight and I’ll be dressed up as this:

if you’ve never seen an episode of “Very Mary Kate”, you are missing out (check out http://www.verymarykate.com). It’s a parody of Mary Kate Olsen and it probably the funniest webshow I’ve ever seen. Eileen Carroll KILLS as a drugged out, batshit crazy Mary Kate (or MK) and Luke Sholl is perfect as MK’s long suffering bodyguard (aptly named ‘Bodyguard’). I’ll make sure I take pictures and post them this week.

Since November is National Writing Month, I’m going to do two things:

  1. Post every day (or every other day) . Once I figure out the wordpress iPhone app, I think this will be very doable.
  2. Write an opinion (political, that is) every week. This week’s will take the super hot “Issue 2” in Ohio. I’ll post a link when I get it up and written.
I’m going to get serious about my writing. I had a looooooong talk with my mom yesterday and I realized that what I want to do with my life is write. So, I’m doing it. I’m going to add a certificate in journalism to my law degree (which will allow me to intern for credit!), and will give me some real background in journalism. My undergraduate education was in Economics, Political Science and History. I can draw you supply and demand charts, quote you Aristotle and explain the causes of the French Revolution, but I never took a class on media writing. So, I figure I’ll give it a go.
That’s it for now. I have some reading to do before tonight and Bravo! is showing a marathon of Top Chef: All Stars, so my afternoon is spoken for. I leave you with my all time favorite episode of VERY MARY KATE

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