rampant narcissism…in a blog!

I have officially entered the blogging world. Well, to be fair, I’ve had other blogs. I had a livejournal in college. I know. My coolness is overwhelming. But it was mostly a place to complain about whatever boy drama was going on or complain about whatever sorority drama was going on. I attempted to start a new blog post-graduation, but that too fell by the wayside. I forgot about it and then forgot the password and then gave up.

So this is it. Third time’s the charm (I hope).

The post name is a nod to my mom. We were painting oversized coffee mugs at Artist for a Day (a seriously cool local shop in Cleveland. Sort of like Color Me Mine, but owned independently. The owner and his wife are awesome. Check them out at http://www.artistforaday.com). She was making a pretty design. I was busy trying to figure out how to put all of my favorite things on the mug (Coco Chanel quote, the Eiffel Tower, diet coke, high heels, nail polish, the Republican elephant). Not all of which goes together, which my lovely mother pointed out. I told her I didn’t care–that it was MY mug. I then mused about starting a coffee mug line, all of the designs would be things that I love. I called it “Rampant Narcissism by Stacey”. Since this is going to be MY blog about all my favorite things, rampant narcissism is the perfect choice for the first post.

This time I’m going to (try) and be more diligent on posting. And posting about all of my favorite things (in no particular order)

– me (I am my own biggest fan)

– the job hunt (ok, maybe not my favorite thing, but after dropping out of law school, I find myself with a lot of free time and not a lot of job offers. I would like to fix this. So, any perspective employers out there–I’ll do a good job. PROMISE. I’m funny. I make excellent coffee. And I pretty much have no ego when it comes to tasks. I spent a year and a half in law school and time in the political world. Nothing is beneath me)

– sports. baseball especially (the Cleveland Indians are -shockingly- one of the, if not THE, best team(s) in baseball right now. And I CANNOT get enough)

-what I’m reading (I read. A LOT. I’ll try to review the hundreds of books I’ve read in the past few years. And no, I’m not kidding)

– the Real Housewives of New Jersey (Oh.My.God. I love those women. It warms my soul when I hear Theresa mispronounce things and watch Caroline cry about her kids leaving home. I want to hang out with them. Badly)

– beauty products and fashion (I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beauty/fashion world. I’m constantly trying new products and finding good old standbys. And I’m always on the hunt for the perfect shoe or dress. This will definitely be a favorite topic.)

-Cleveland (I’m a local girl. And I love exploring C-town as an adult. Who knew there was so much to do!)

– traveling (though I’m a local girl, I do love to travel and visit my pals that live all over the place.)

I’ll probably delve into politics on occasion, but that definitely won’t be the focus of my blog. There are already so many fabulous blogs out there that deal with current events and, honestly, my commentary probably wouldn’t be that exciting. However, my thoughts on Bliss’s “A Tan for All Seasons” self-tanner and Kathryn Stockett’s “The Help”? Priceless.

So bear with me, friends. I’ll try to keep you entertained and hopefully you’ll keep reading.

Cheers! (and yes, sometimes I fancy myself a British person)