i’ve been, uhh…kidnapped?

So. It’s been awhile. And when I say awhile, I mean almost two years. I’ve been busy, what can I say.

In any case, I made a promise to myself to start blogging more. Lots of changes are going on in my life and I’m determined to document them.

So I decided to make a list of important things that have happened in the last *ahem* two years:

1.) Took the most FABULOUS European vacation with my family last summer. London, Paris, Rome, Florence. In a word: amazing. definitely the highlight of the year.

2.) After the sad passing of my beloved Buster, I swore I’d never get another dog. That I’d never be able to love an animal as much as I loved Buster.

Famous last words.

Enter Maggie May.

Maggie is the newest member of the D Tribe. She’s (now) an 18 month old FoxyPoo (that’s part toy fox terrier, part miniature poodle) and quite possibly the cutest dog I’ve ever seen. I fell in love with her immediately. All those feelings of “I don’t like dogs” melted away when I picked her up and she licked my face. Images of a sweet-tempered, affectionate, calm dog flashed in my head. I had to have her.

While Mags IS sweet-tempered, she is NOT affectionate OR calm. She’s a little firecracker, loves to play in the dirt and is the most aloof dog I’ve ever met. She doesn’t ask for attention, she demands it. She’s very much an only child (dog). My brother E started calling her “Mini Stacey” until Mama D asked him to stop.

And yet, I couldn’t imagine life without her now.

Pictures will be posted. Promise.

3.) I quit my job and started my new life as…a law student.

That’s right folks. I am now a 1L.

I always imagined I’d end up a lawyer…and now that it is happening, it almost doesn’t seem real. That being said, I adore my friends in law school, love my professors (especially my Civil Procedure Prof, herein referred to as “KFO”) and generally am excited about school.

However, the stress of law school is insane. Law school makes reasonable, sane people certifiable and crazy. Instead of residing in the land of normal people, you take temporary residence on Planet Crazytown where the other residents are fellow law students. You live in the law library and your conversations mostly consist of things like adverse possession, negligence and reliance damages. I constantly alternate obsessing about not doing enough and procrastinating actually doing work. It’s a vicious cycle.

Even though finals are a month away, I’ve already started freaking out that I haven’t learned anything. I’ve had a BLAST with my friends thus far…but I’ve put myself on social probation until Christmas. I AM making an exception for Halloween.

I’ve neglected my non-law school friends for the past two months (especially my best friend, S). So last night we skipped going out, wore sweatpants, ordered in Italian and caught up. I forgot how MUCH I’ve missed her and that nothing can’t be fixed with fountain diet cokes, double stuf oreos and gossip 🙂

Now that I’ve wasted time this morning watching Top Chef (whooo Voltaggios!), I reeeeeeeeeeeallly need to study.

More later.