“I was thinking…BOB MARLEY”

I have a love-hate relationship with American Idol. I love it so much that I hate it, if that makes any sense. Every season I develop a strange attachment to a particular contestant. Season 5: Taylor Hicks (shut up, he rocked and you all know it); Season 6: SANJAYA (who knew a little effeminate Indian kid could warm my cold bitchy heart): and Season 7: Jason “Dreads” Castro.

Most that know me will say that I’m a pretty conservative (some may say “prudish”), clean-cut, slightly narcissistic twenty-something. I like boys that wear polos with ponies, have short hair and generally have jobs that require them to be out of bed before noon.

So it was a big surprise when I developed a little crush on everyone’s favorite stoner. He was just so damn cute and goofy, I couldn’t help myself. Each week he would give an interview littered with ums, yeahs, long pauses and giggles. Then he would sing a song, usually making several ackward faces in the process. Then he’d giggle some more when Paula would wake up from her drunken stupor and declare him “all of my favorite colors in one”.

I soon fell in love. Each week, I’d tune in for my “friend” (which is what he is called in Casa D), hoping his songs would be a little funnier, his faces goofier and his after performance interview a little more ackward. Jason did not disappoint me, even at the end. His HILARIOUS rendition of “I Shot the Sheriff” nearly made me cry with laughter and his comment on what he was thinking (“BOB MARLEY”) cemented that this little dreadheaded goofball would be my favorite Idol contestant EVER (next to Sanjaya and John “Finch” Stevens). I will certainly miss him. Especially since we’re left with Screech-ya Mercado and Barfaleta the Muppet. At least David Cook is still going strong (and looking more and more handsome each week, might I add).

I’m still hoping for a surprise twist during the finale: they’ll announce that neither Daughtry Vedder–I mean DAVID COOK, nor David the Annointed Son of Idol wins…and that the American Idol ’08 is none other than Reynaldo “I Am Your Brother” Lopez.

Hey, it could happen. This IS the show that makes wise decisions like kicking off Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry for the musical genius of Fantasia Barrino and Taylor Hicks…

In other reality news, I’m loving Top Chef more and more. It might be replacing Project Runway for my favorite reality show. Chef Tom is a major babe (and let’s face it, Padma’s a babe too) and Crazy! Andrew may be the best mental case on tv since they cancelled Paula Abdul’s “Hey Paula” (which is an injustice, I say). The challenges are getting better and all the catfighting is reminding me why I adore Bravo television so much. My favorites of the season are definitely Dale and Stephanie…and (even though I couldn’t stand him at the beginning) I think Richard is a total class act. Even if I hate his stupid haircut. I’ll be interested to see what happens next week: will Lisa and Dale finally duke it out cage match style (and I have it on pretty good authority that Lisa would totally kick Dale’s ass), will Spike wear more funny hats and try to sabotage his competition more…will Andrew finally lose it and go all “Carrie” on everyone and burn the townhouse to the ground? Wednesday can NOT come soon enough.


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