“Put them in my purse, they’ll never know!”

I haven’t blogged for awhile. I sort of forgot I even had this. So I’m going to make it a point of trying to post something at least once a week.

Big news is the vie de stacey is this: my best friend had a baby! Nathan is perhaps the cutest and best baby ever. Sweet temperment, gorgeous olive complexion…and falls asleep when his father’s twentysomething friends are over playing Rock Band and “Battleshitfaced”.

What is Battleshitfaced you ask? It is the brainchild of C’s husband, J-Sark and his compadres from college. It appeared to be a game of quarters with added features of battleship. There was a (homemade) game board and tiers of glasses. Rules changed during the course of the game and since I was the only sober one, I got to drive to Giant Eagle to buy more beer…and subsequently steal a box of girl scout cookies that were sitting in the middle of the beer cooler. The exchange between S and I went something like this:

Me: Hey, there’s a box of Samoas
S: (looks around) Should we take them?
Me: Um, yes! Why wouldn’t we.
S: Because technically it would be stealing.
Me: But they’re SAMOAS.
S: (thinks about it for a minute) you’re right. It would be a waste for the cookies to get ruined sitting in the beer cooler. Obviously the original owners didn’t care much for them.
Me: We will give them a home that appreciates them…they’re much better off with us.
S: Shit, I think that’s a cop! (pointing to rent-a-cop in the store)
Me: quick, put them in my bag, they’ll never know!

We then bought three cases of crappy beer so we could aid the boys in their ridiculous game of Battleshitfaced…and devoured the box of cookies in record time.

For the record, stolen girl scout cookies tast waaaaay better then cheap beer.


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